Finemor serves as a business and trade consultancy, advising corporations’ business transactions in specialized markets. Our expertise is based on extensive first hand knowledge of these countries, their local culture, and their business practises and customs. Combined with a very strong local network, these ensure the development of efficient and profitable business.

Russia Russian Flag

Our experts have decades of experience in Soviet and Russian trade. Strong cultural understanding of how business should be conducted in Russia enables us to provide the best advice to our clients.

  • We advice top management to help them develop strategic thinking for successful decision making regarding Russia, through tailor-made training, focused risk analysis and detailed project assessments
  • "The Russia Factor" - What is it and how to account for it?
  • Transaction related financial and legal advice for foreign companies looking at acquisitions of companies and/or operations in Russia
  • Broad range of advisory services for Russian companies interested in investing outside of Russia

China Chinese Flag

Finemor has first hand knowledge of import/export business in China, especially of sourcing and the China-EU logistics. We provide European companies with expertise in establishing new businesses in China, helping them prevent the usual mistakes of newcomers in the oriental market. Additionally, we provide Chinese companies trying to establish business abroad with information and contacts in the EU.